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It is our great pleasure to introduce ourselves to you.
We are Kangwoon Mechanical Engineering Co., Ltd.
which has been in the business of manufacturing swaging machine.
Since the establishment in October 1, 1989, we have succeeded in manufacturing a rotary type
swaging machine by our own technology and have specialized in making and supplying them
which is widely used in producing auto related parts.
Consequently we came to be able to give you cost-saving effect, easy maintenance, and even
convenience in management of the related equipments.
Besides, this year of 2002 we came to open and run our own internet homepage in order to
extend an opportunity to keep in touch with our customers.
Please visit us and have a pleasure to use it. Besides, we will be ready to get any constructive
critical comments from our customers.
We promise we will be a company which will put our customers on the top priority.
I hope you will always have great time and great success in everything you would do.
Thank you very much!

                    by KwangUn Machinery Co.